Monday, March 12, 2012

Nerdfighteria: A Tentative Glossary

Awesome (n) Shorthand for “awesomeness”; the matter out of which all good things are created

Brotherhood 2.0 (n) The YouTube video project involving Hank and John Green in which the two were prohibited from textually communicating with each other for the entire year of 2007; the foundation of Nerdfighteria (n) the official website for the Brotherhood 2.0 project; houses a Brotherhood 2.0 video archive, information about the project, and the My Pants forum

Decepticon (n) The opposite of a Nerdfighter

Decepticonian (adj.) Referring to something which is the opposite of awesome (derived from decepticon)
DFTBA (expression) Don't Forget To Be Awesome; often used as a valediction

DFTBA Records (n) The record company created by Hank and John Green, Alan Lastufka, Kristen Franklin, and Sam Rudge; hosts many YouTube artists, and sells music and merchandise for these artists on their website

EBO (n) The Evil Baby Orphanage; a hypothetical project where Nerdfighters go back in time and take babies that will become evil adults and put them in an orphanage in Tibet (n) The website Hank Green runs; a blog about the symbiosis between nature and technology

The Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck (n) also known as FDW, or the Brotherhood 2.0 Foundation for Decreasing Suck Levels Worldwide; a foundation created by Hank and John Green with the purpose of decreasing WorldSuck by doing things that make the world a better place, like donating to charities

French The Llama (expression) Often abbreviated FTL; used as an expression of excitement or incredulousness, much like “holy cow” or “gee whiz”

Giant Squid of Anger (n) A Youtube troll, or someone who leaves nasty comments on Youtube videos.

gigacools (n) The unit measure of Awesome

Happy Dance (n) The dance one does when one is incredibly happy; the most clear and distinct way to physically express pure Awesome

Hankian (adj.) Referring to something that has to do with Hank Green

jokes (adj.) A slang term used to describe something that is cool or awesome

The Katherine (n) Hank's wife

made of Awesome (expression) used when describing something that is especially good or cool; for example, John’s book The Fault in Our Stars is made of Awesome

My/Your Pants (n) The online forum in which Nerdfighters can participate, located at; also used in the context of the phrase “in my pants,” which, as discovered by Maureen Johnson, also sounds funny at end of book titles

Nerdfightastic (adj.) The act of being like a Nerdfighter; refers to being awesome

Nerdfighter (n) A pro-nerd term used to describe followers of vlogbrothers; a regular person, except instead of being composed of tissues and cells and organs, they are made of Awesome; someone who fights for all things awesome

Nerdfighter gathering (n) A gathering of Nerdfighters; Hank and John Green may or may not be present at these events

Nerdfighteria (n) The Nerdfighter community. Nerdfighteria is not restricted to any particular geographical area; rather, it is a group of people who share similarities in interests and cultural habits.

NIT (n) Nerdfighter In Training

notsome (adj.) The antithesis of awesome

Puff Levels (n) The height of John’s hair; has a direct correlation to stress levels (the higher the stress level, the higher the Puff Level)

punishment (n) Issued during Brotherhood 2.0 when a brother breaks a project rule (e.g. textually communicating, uploading a video late, or uploading a video over four minutes in length); punishments must be wife-approved and are issued by the brother who did not break a rule.
Secret Sibling (n) A Nerdfighter who makes video responses to the vlogbrothers

Stuff on Heads (n) The belief that if you put stuff on your head, it makes you feel better about life

Tiny Chicken Disease (n) A disease in which tiny chickens lay eggs in your head, and all the goo leaks out of your nose; also known as the common cold

Tour de Nerdfighting (n) The tour held first in 2008 and again in 2012, when the Green brothers travel the country and hold Nerdfighter gatherings about John’s book, Hank’s music, and Nerdfighteria.

vlogbrothers (n) Hank and John Green’s YouTube channel; hosts the Brotherhood 2.0 project as well as their other videos

WorldSuck (n) The amount of suck in the world

Worldsuck Index (n) A gauge of suck levels; ranges from low (like corndogs, which don’t suck) to severe (like malaria)

The Yeti (n) John's wife, Sarah

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