Friday, February 3, 2012

Nerdfighter Salute

John and Hank Green

The Nerdfighter Salute, also referred to as the Nerdfighter Gang Sign. This is how Nerdfighters identify each other outside the virtual realm.

This salute tells us a lot about Nerdfighter culture. As we can see from the position of the hands, Nerdfighters draw much of their cultural inspiration from traditional nerd stereotypes (in this instance, Trekkies). However, they seem to adapt these nerd stereotypes to fit their own cultural needs. The "cross trekkie," as I shall refer to it, differentiates itself from its Trekkie forefather through its complexity. Rather than merely raising one hand in Trekkie form, Nerdfighters raise both hands and cross them in front of their chests. This simple adaptation sends a very different signal from the one utilized by Star Trek fans. It seems to say "Hey, I'm a nerd, and I'm proud. Don't mess with me." In short, it looks hardcore. This implies that Nerdfighteria culture, while nerdy by principle, is also a space where nerds can be proud. In Nerdfighteria, it's cool to be nerdy. In this respect, the Nerdfighter Salute also acts as a symbol of support and receptiveness.

No wonder I liked using the Nerdfighter Salute in high school.

Throw 'em up.


  1. First page on Google for 'nerdfighter salute'!

    Also, you neglected to cover the 'hoo-hah' aspect.

  2. He means the Darth Vader breath sound, BTW. :)

    1. Hey, people I don't know are reading my blog! That's... So very odd. This is the first I've heard of the Darth Vader sound being used in relationship with the Nerdfighter Salute. I'll be adding that to my reportoire of strange things I do that make people uncomfortable, thanks.